With the extensive demand of Bangladeshi honey everywhere, honey manufacturers from all over Bangladesh has emerged, but Bangla Bussan Inc. is the only brand which provides 100% purity with the natural taste.

Sundarban is one of the most leading honey production areas in Bangladesh. About 75 per cent natural honey is produced in Sundarban forest area by Giant bees Apis dorsata.

Madhupur Sal Forest is another leading honey production area in Bangladesh. This forest consist of many types of plants and animal community which is important for stability of environment.

The favourable season of honey production is winter because of growing huge amount of mustard, sesame, litchi etc. in that time. Bees collect honey-producing substance (nectar) from the flowers of mustard, sesame, litchi and other plants. A honey bee starts the honey making processes by visiting a flower and gathering some of its nectar and pollen which is carried into bee hives.

Honey Process in Bangladesh


Bangla Bussan Inc. is one of the fastest growing B2B & B2C marketplace in Bangladesh focusing on the small and medium enterprise of our country. The goal of this platform is to promote Bangladeshi exportable items to global market. Though this platform SME’s would be able to display their own products online & can connect with other businesses both locally & globally.

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