We Export The best Quality Charcoal

Jute Charcoal:

‘Charcoal’ is being used for many purposes worldwide. Amongst these, ‘jute stick charcoal’ is most popular specially in China, Taiwan, Korean, Japan and some other countries. In this sense, ‘jute stick charcoal’ is an ultimate business product as it is the raw material of fire-works and some other chemical purposes. It is also used to absorb odors and toxins in gases, such as air. Charcoal filters are also used in some type of gas masks.

Activated Charcoal:

The medical use of activated charcoal is mainly the absorption of poisons. Activated charcoal is available without a prescription, so it is used for a variety of health-related applications.

Production of Jute charcoal:

Firstly Jute is collected from different districts of Bangladesh and then it is burned in a large oven. After burning Jute sticks, it is filtered and the finest charcoal is collected for packaging.

Packaging of Jute Charcoal:

The Jute charcoal finally is packed for exporting under some cautions. An example of packing Jute charcoal is given below.

Product Specifications:

ASH =3-10%

Water =6% (MIN 8%)

PP Synthetic Bag with Paper carton

N.B. No water mixed at any form of production.